Gables Group Shuts Counterfeit Operation in Mexico

Gables Group Director Receives D.E.A. Award

Gables Group Director Receives Award from Mexico's Attorney General

Gables Group Receives Award from F.B.I. Director

Gables Group Director Aids Officer's Defense

Gables Group Helps Local Police Put Career Criminal On Ice



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Providing Effective Worldwide Solutions
to Counteract Product Counterfeiting,
International Fraud and Extreme Threats 

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
Comprehensive International  Brand Protection

     Organized counterfeiting and piracy of consumer and industrial products costs legitimate businesses billions of dollars each and every year.

    The Gables Group's principals have extensive experience successfully interdicting the manufacturing and warehousing operations of international product counterfeiters. 

    United States Government agencies that have required state of the art briefings for high ranking officials of friendly nations have relied upon The Gables Group to aid their mission. Our principals provide the information and strategic insights needed to attack organized counterfeiting, and protect intellectual property and branded goods, in international commerce.

    We would be glad to discuss strategies to enhance your international brand protection needs.

Counterterror Training For Government and Industry

  Our medical, intelligence, and defensive tactics experts offer comprehensive training and strategic planning programs to assist in mitigating the risks of conventional and non-conventional threats and attacks.

     Our instructors have delivered lectures and interactive seminars on improving intelligence operations, and on response planning for NBC and conventional threats, to law enforcement and military groups throughout the United States and the Americas.

     We offer extensive experience in tracking the activities and assets of white-collar criminals and international money-launderers. From complex "exchange-traded" and "over-the-counter" derivatives frauds, to the theft of corporate and/or government assets, our firm can aid corporate counsel and/or investigative personnel in providing rapid and effective solutions.

Internal and Oversight Investigations
Municipal and State Police Agencies

    The Gables Group can perform sensitive internal or mandated oversight investigations and provide a client agency definitive reports and recommendations on training, use of force, integrity, disciplinary and official misconduct matters.
    The Gables Group's on-call consulting staff includes attorneys, distinguished law enforcement trainers, physicians trained in occupational and emergency medicine, and forensic computer and accounting experts. Our consultants include honorably retired supervisory Federal law enforcement personnel with extensive internal affairs and public corruption case experience.




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